About Metalcut Tool Services, Inc.

MetalCut Shop

Specialist in Repair, Rebuilding & Modification of Indexable Cutting Tools:

  • Tool Holders & Cartridges
  • End Mills
  • Milling Cutters
  • Indexable Drills 
  • Trepan Tools and Core Drills
  • Special Blueprint Tooling
  • Modular Tooling - CAPTO, KM, ABS, BIG KAISER, etc.

All tooling received at Metalcut is inspected, and qualified for repair within 24 hours of receipt.  We generate a quote and email or fax it to you.  Want a phone quote?  Let us know.

Once we receive approval to proceed your repair order is scheduled into production where we provide the industry’s best turn-around time. Emergency turn-around is available.

Metalcut's repair process maintains pocket hardness throughout the welding and machining of the tool. Our finished pockets are "like new"; compliant, porous free, flat and on location. Pockets are qualified with inserts and hardware installed.  A special gage is used to assure the insert fit is tight against the pocket walls and floor, and milling tools are checked for runout on diameter and face.  Our newly acquired Parlec Origin presetter is on-site to qualify our work.  If requested we can provide an inspection report with your repaired tool.

Often we repair tools that our competition no quotes as “Damaged Beyond Repair.”

We can rebuild your damaged indexable tools for 50% or less of new tool pricing.

Some of our customers:

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