Frequently Asked Questions


Does Metalcut weld the pockets and then machine a new pocket in its process?

Yes – we use “hard” weld to send back tools that have a compliant hardness in “like new” condition … and pockets are machined with precision, close tolerance carbide tools.


Does a repaired tool holder undergo any additional heat treat?

No – since most repairs are done to a damaged pocket additional heat treat and annealing is not needed ... our proprietary weld material assures customers a hardened pocket on all repaired tools.


Does Metalcut perform in-house Black Oxide Coating on repaired tool holders?

Yes – we have our own black oxide process plus tools are remarked for tracking and inventory purposes. Special labeling can be provided.


Are lead times for tool repairs consistent? Most competitors are turning around repairs in 6-8 weeks

Metalcut turn-around time is 4 weeks.


If I send a tool holder back for repair should I provide hardware such as an insert, insert screw, and clamp or shims if used?

Yes, this is a “best practice” and will assure that your tools are checked with your inserts and your hardware. We believe checking your tools with your hardware eliminates any quality issues and provides you with accurate pocket “fit.” We don’t need new inserts – used ones will work.


Do I have to send back hardware each time I send a tool to repair?

No – Metalcut will stock your hardware at our facility and use it each time a like tool is sent back for repair. This takes a little more work on our end but assures that your tools are repaired correctly – first time and every time!


Are tool holder prints required?

Only for specials – nothing is needed for standard tools, lathe holders, indexable drills, milling cutters, core drills, cartridges, etc.


What is the method of tracking a tool holder while being repaired?

Once a tool holder is received at Metalcut there is a log-in process, tear down, and machine time estimate – and then a quote is generated and sent for approval to proceed with the order. In 2016 E2 Shoptech software will be implemented to manage orders throughout our manufacturing process. E2 is a completely integrated Shop Management System.


Can customers send back tools for automatic repair without going through an approval process?

Yes – some customers handle their orders this way.

Metalcut has been in business for over 35 years and has a solid reputation to provide quality tool holder repair.


What do you do with tools that are beyond repair and need to be scrapped? Does the customer have items returned that are beyond repair?

Tools that cannot be repaired are sent back to the customer unless there are specific instructions otherwise. Most customers have us scrap their tools; we have a program in place to recycle used steel material. Scrapped tools DO NOT end up in a landfill!


Does Metalcut offer a service to modify pockets and/or pocket location?

Yes – Metalcut can modify and/or change pocket location such as changing the angle for a chamfer insert or moving a pocket in-or-out to change tool diameter. We also have re-engineered indexable drill pockets and changed from trigon inserts to square inserts.


What is Metalcut’s shipping policy?

Most customers ship their tools to us via UPS or FedEx.

In certain parts of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky we offer a no charge pick-up and delivery service. Call for details.


I heard that Metalcut was offering a free “Bin Ship” program.

Correct – Metalcut now provides our customers with a customized “Metalcut Blue Bin” program. Call for details.

Metalcut Shop Drill
MetalCut Shop Repair

Why Metalcut? Why not anyone else?


Most of the companies on our customer list tried other repair shops prior to sending tools to Metalcut. Our service has been the best in the industry for over 35 years and our quality is second to none. Our inside staff handles unique requests on a regular basis. Call us to find out how we can handle your problems.

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